Why Use ADR West?

We bring you the benefit of a skilled mediators who are not only familiar with the local legal system but passionate about the businesses, ministries and families who live here.

  • Benefits of ADR West

Creative, Innovative Solutions

ADR West offers unique, customized solutions to your individual situation. You’ll never have to worry about being dealt with on a “one-size-fits-all” basis.

Quick, Cost-Effective Settlements

ADR West believes in the importance of “settling matters quickly.” We value your time, your peace of mind and your need to move on with your business, your family and your life. On average, most disputes can be resolved in one to two sessions.

Peace of Mind

Your mediator will never disclose your personal information with your opponent or outside parties without your consent–before, during or after your session. Details of your case remain private and confidential.

More Choices

Using a mediator gives you greater control over the outcome of your case. You choose what’s most important to you, where you’re willing to compromise, and the terms of your settlement–not a judge or jury.

Honored Relationships

Whether your dispute occurs with a business partner or family member, mediation allows you to settle matters in a way that is respectful and honoring to all parties involved. As a result, business partnerships can be preserved and relationships can be handled with mutual respect.

Legally Binding

A case resolved through mediation is as final and legally binding in our conference room as it would be in a courtroom. After your session, your case is closed–and you can move on with your life.

  • Our Mediators

ADR West employs a diverse panel of mediators who is committed to serving with the highest level of excellence, experience and integrity. With leading-edge knowledge in their field of expertise and extensive training from the Pepperdine Law School’s Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, our mediators are uniquely equipped to help you “settle matters quickly.”

  • Our Requirements

We strive to handle each case with the highest degree of excellence. That’s why each of our mediators receives a certificate of completion from Pepperdine Law School’s  Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution–the top ADR program in the United States. In addition, we require each mediator to have no less than 25 years’ experience in the legal or business field, connecting you with a unique selection of real-world experience and expertise.

  • Giving Back: Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

We believe in the importance of investing in our young people. That’s why 10% of our net profits go directly towards Colorado NextGen, an independently funded mentorship program that helps prepare tomorrow’s leaders for an effective, influential role in business, community and commerce.

  • Continuing Legal Education

Are you a lawyer or legal professional in need of CLE? ADR West offers intensive, accredited programs that will equip you with the credentials you need to meet your requirements and enhance your portfolio.