Robert D. Coviello, Esq.

During the past eight years as a mediator/arbitrator, Robert Coviello has worked on a number of cases involving a variety of employment and general business disputes. He has been mediating and arbitrating matters involving health care companies, telecommunications corporations, restaurants, hospitals, major hotels, construction companies, national retailers and institutional lenders. Relying on his extensive negotiation and trial experience, Mr. Coviello has mastered the art of bringing parties together to resolve their conflicts. As lead litigation counsel, he has participated in over 100 formal employment mediations involving sexual harassment, wrongful termination (contract and violation of public policy) and all forms of Government Code Section 12940 discrimination. Furthermore, he has personally litigated many complex class action wage and hour claims, and as a mediator, he has assisted in the successful resolution of numerous large Class Actions and Business and Professions code § 17200 claims.


Robert Coviello, Esq. has been an attorney in California for over 30 years. His extensive civil litigation practice quickly evolved into specialized representation of individuals and management in employment and general business and contract related matters. As a recognized authority, he is a frequent speaker on employment law issues, including sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour litigation issues under both state and federal law. He has conducted several hundred depositions in employment and business dispute cases, has become a designated expert by trial counsel in employment litigation matters, and is further personally responsible for the litigation and trial of matters ranging from harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, wage claims and other related employment torts, business disputes and class actions claims.


  • Employment
  • Commercial Contract/General Business
  • Real Estate
  • Class Actions

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

  • AAA 2007 Annual Review of ADR Law
  • AAA Arbitrator Ethics & Disclosures, May 2006
  • AAA Employment Arbitrator II Training, San Francisco, 2002
  • AAA Employment Arbitrator Training Workshop, San Francisco, October 2000

Professional Associations

  • Orange County Bar Association
    • Past Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section
    • Judiciary Review Committee
  • California Employment Lawyers
  • National Employment Lawyers
  • American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)