Steve Stafford

Thirty-five years of experience as a CPA, consultant, advisor dealing with business transactions, acquisitions and sales of business ownership, development of new markets, employee stock incentive plans, closely held business and family dispute resolutions, Steve Stafford brings with him a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to the alternative dispute resolution process. As a non-attorney who has been involved in arbitrations, mediations, negotiations, and settlement conferences as a mediator, consultant or advisor over the past thirty-five years, he offers exceptional analytical skills relating to business, economics and relationship matters.

Mediation and Negotiation Training:

  • Pepperdine Law School, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.
  • Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation

Business School:

  • University of Southern California

Mr. Stafford has found great success in the mediation process.  He believes in its effectiveness and has a passion to be the advocate for the resolution of conflict.  He promotes mediation as a responsible means by which the participants retain their ability to participate in the creating and adhering to solutions for their conflicts. His years of experience as a personal advisor and consultant has prepared him to help facilitate people to cope with the issues which arise out of conflict; economic and relationship or emotional.

Affiliations and membership in professional organizations:

Southern California Mediation Association
American Arbitration Association