Alternative Dispute Resolution

Benefits of ADR West

Creative, Innovative Solutions

ADR West provides unique, customized solutions to your client’s dispute. While the court system provides a limited range of adjudication, mediation allows you and your client the freedom to explore your options—and provides you with the control and satisfaction of choosing the outcome.

Quick, Cost-Effective Settlements

ADR West believes in the importance of settling matters quickly. Because mediation operates apart from the court system, a dispute need not wait its turn on an overcrowded docket. In fact, most cases can be settled in less than a day—saving valuable time and money.

Reduced Legal Fees

According to a recent study by Pepperdine Law School, up to 2/3 of the average cost of litigation can be saved through creative alternate dispute resolution.

Confidential Proceedings

With ADR West, you can offer your clients the privacy of a secure, confidential settlement.

More Choices

Mediation gives you and your client more control over the settlement outcome. They have the opportunity to choose what’s most important, where they’re willing to compromise, and the terms of their settlement—not a judge or jury.

Resolution is Our Goal

Why ADR West is the Premier Choice

ADR West allows you to help your clients resolve disputes quickly, confidentially and cost effectively—without the complications, risks and waiting times of traditional litigation. We feature a skilled and reputable panel of objective and experienced professionals who are passionate about businesses, non-profit organizations and families. And unlike litigation, terms of settlement are only limited by the interests and creativity of the parties.

Client Testimony

What others are saying about ADR West

"ADR West has the best mediation skills I have ever seen. They worked both sides very hard until a fair decision was made. It saved me thousands of dollars."